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Alternative + Holistic Medicine

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    Credit: Denise Richards/Instagram

    QE Wellness Center

    Denise Richards called a trip to QE Wellness Center in January 2018 a “Great way to start the year.” She sang the praises of the process, saying, “Reduce stress, improve energy vitality, feel&look younger, balance body through light and sound,real time assessment real time revision, based on each person. Not one size fits all.. love the #bemer I feel like a new person.”

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    Credit: Jerry Lee/Instagram

    Kin Health & Wellness

    It was “Kinesiology time w/@kinhealthdrlee” for Jenna Dewan when she did a foot detox at Kin Health & Wellness in July 2017. She said, “No big deal just releasing years of emotions.”

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    Credit: Debbie Gibson/Instagram

    Sophia Health Institute

    Debbie Gibson had a “Great healing few weeks thanx to the amazing #DrKlinghardt and the team” at Sophia Health Institute in May 2017.