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    Credit: Shannen Doherty/Instagram

    Sóngoro Cosongo

    Shannen Doherty raved about Sóngoro Cosongo in December 2017, saying, “Not only is this place great to eat at but this man Senor Hernán is a wonderful story teller. This is his house. His family cooks for the people lucky enough to stumble upon this gem.”

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    Credit: Sarah Michelle Gellar/Instagram

    Astrid & Gastón

    Sarah Michelle Gellar suggested she and her “Happy group” had “too many #piscosours” when they dined at this popular Peruvian restaurant in August 2017.

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    Credit: Tony Hawk/Instagram

    Central Restaurante

    Tony Hawk shared a shot of “only 4 of the 16 spectacular dishes” he had here in February 2016 and said, “The quinoa & short ribs is alone worth the trip.”