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    Credit: Michael B. Jordan/Instagram

    Front Street Gym

    Michael B. Jordan shared a throwback behind-the-scenes shot in November 2018 of him and Sylvester Stallone working out at Philadelphia, PA, USA's Front Street Gym and said, "It's hella dope and surreal to me that I'm hitting the speed bag with Rocky, like y'all that's really ROCKY! Lol. I grew up watching and mimicking all of the Rocky films and boxing matches."
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    Credit: Jenna Ushkowitz/Instagram

    Ten Pound

    Beverly Hills, CA, USA's Ten Pound bar was "Stop 3" for a busy Jenna Ushkowitz in November 2018.
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    Credit: Aziz Ansari/Instagram

    Mama's Kitchen

    Aziz Ansari gave a shoutout in November 2018 to the sign outside San Antonio, TX, USA's Mama's Kitchen Mexican restaurant, which reads, "110% Mexican Food" — he emphasized, "110%!!"