• Ashley Greene “couldn’t resist” getting a tattoo here by Mr. K in May 2017 and added, “#oopsididitagain.”
  • The back of Demi Lovato‘s hand was decorated by a lion tattoo in April 2017 thanks to the capable hands of “BANG BANG!!”
  • Suki Waterhouse “got @bangbangnyc ‘d” in October 2016 even though it was “On a minuscule level.”
  • Demi Lovato showed “Bang bang settin up” for her September 2016 session in which she got two roses tatted on her wrist.
  • Bang Bang was behind Rihanna‘s “new addition” in September 2016 — a “Camo shark” on her left ankle.
  • Whitney Cummings got a white “i love you” tattoo from BANG BANG in December 2015 and explained, “People who ask about my white tattoos: they usually come out white, but when you first get them it looks like you got mauled by a rabid animal. They have to go even deeper than color tattoos so ‘there will be blood.'”
  • Kylie Jenner showed off her “All red” hip tattoo in December 2015 that says, “sa-ne-te” (the phonetic spelling of sanity).
  • Jessie J was back at BANG BANG for more ink in December 2015, this time, getting an “X” and “O” on her ankles.
  • Jessie J said it was “So hard to stay still with this music playing” but thanked BANG BANG “for the amazing meaningful simple tattoo” in November 2015 — the singer, her mom, and dad “all got the same tattoo. Circle of love/trust Making memories and ticking things off their bucket list.”
  • BANG BANG’s “newest victim” in November 2015 was Kylie Jenner. The reality star and the tattoo artist “traded tattoos” with Kylie taking over the needle.
  • Rihanna was “Tagged by my dear friend” BANG BANG in August 2015.

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