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    Credit: Matthew Morrison/Instagram

    Caper Acres

    In October 2018, Matthew Morrison “got to go to the park that I grew up going to in Chico, CA” — Caper Acres — and watch his son play on “some of the same playground equipment that I played on 35 years ago!” He said, “What a nostalgic day! . . . This has been one of my favorite days of fatherhood…and I’ve had a lot.”

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    Credit: GALUXSEE

    Chico Creek Dance Center

    When she’s not touring the world as Beyoncé’s dance captain, Ashley Everett says Chico Creek Dance Center is her must-visit spot in her hometown of Chico, CA.

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    Credit: JoJo Fletcher/Instagram

    Bidwell Park

    JoJo Fletcher hiked with her future mother-in-law at Bidwell Park in May 2017 and said, “Possibly a little blood, def a lot of sweat, but no tears for this new hiker!” JoJo also shared that she was “Taking a moment” by taking in the view here with Jordan Rodgers.