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    Credit: Melissa Joan Hart/Instagram

    Double Up Dance Studio

    For her 42nd birthday celebration in April 2018, Melissa Joan Hart told her “tribe to dress casual for a dance class” at Fairfield, CT, USA’s Double Up Dance Studio, but they came decked out! She added, “these girls know me so well and made me feel so special this week… oh and their dance moves are on fleek!”

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    Credit: Martha Stewart/Instagram


    While “On an excursion to Westport and Fairfield” in February 2017, Martha Stewart “stopped at Rawley’s for a fix” and pointed out the shoutout to her on its sign that read, “Rawley’s A Martha Stewart Favorite” — she said, “Look what was on the wall!!”

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    Courtesy: Instagram User melissajoanhart


    Melissa Joan Hart celebrated her 39th birthday in April 2015 at her friend’s restaurant, Osianna.