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Florham Park

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    Credit: Danielle Jonas/Instagram

    Sperling Dermatology

    Danielle Jonas had her skin analyzed by a machine at Florham Park, NJ, USA’s Sperling Dermatology in March 2018 and explained, “it tells you what products would be good for your skin. Amazing right ?!” She added, “Dr. Sperling has a great facialist” and that she’s “getting so into skin and learning about how to take care of it.”

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    Credit: Kevin Jonas/Instagram

    Anthony Michael Fitness

    Kevin Jonas cheered on Danielle Jonas during a couple’s workout with Anthony Michael Fitness in August 2017.

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    Credit: Kevin Jonas/Instagram

    Florham Park Fitness

    “When you try to crack a smile after a crazy workout” is how Kevin Jonas captioned his May 2017 photo here.