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Anne Hathaway

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    Credit: Bob Saget/Instagram

    Big Sur

    Bob Saget spotted a deer during a November 2017 trip to Big Sur and said, “Hurting over so many problems in the world, and then have the good fortune for this miraculous creature to come upon us to tell us that life can be beautiful.”

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    Credit: Kris Jenner/Instagram

    Eddie Zaratsian Custom Florals and Lifestyle

    Kris Jenner thanked “@eddiezaratsianboutique . . . for the gorgeous Easter garden” in April 2017.

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    Credit: Emmy Rossum/Instagram

    New York Botanical Garden

    Emmy Rossum photographed a flower when she was here in March 2017.

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    Courtesy: Instagram User annehathaway

    Marie Robinson Salon

    During a visit to this salon in October 2016, Anne Hathaway said she was “Getting back to my roots.”