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Chris Rock

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    Credit: Chris Rock/Instagram

    Diamond Cross Ranch

    Kanye West held his May 2018 album listening party at Moran, WY, USA’s Diamond Cross Ranch, which was attended by a star-studded crowd, including Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick, Teyana Taylor, and Chris Rock.

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    Credit: Chris Rock/Instagram

    Jackson Hole Aviation

    Chris Rock traveled through Jackson Hole Aviation in May 2018.

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    Credit: Warriors/Instagram

    Oracle Arena

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z traveled to Oakland, CA, USA’s Oracle Arena to cheer on the Warriors during the playoffs in April 2018.

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    Credit: Chris Rock/Instagram

    Howlin' Ray's

    Chris Rock declared that Howlin’ Ray’s has the “Best fried chicken in LA.” He emphasized, “The best chicken in town. People wait three hours — three hours for this chicken! . . . I did not. I did not wait three hours. Thank God for show business. But they gave me some food, so I should give ’em a big shoutout and this is the Roscoe’s for a new generation.”

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    Credit: Sean "Diddy" Combs/Instagram

    Christ the Redeemer

    Sean “Diddy” Combs spread some “Love” when he traveled to see Christ the Redeemer in October 2017.

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    Credit: Jordin Sparks/Instagram

    Walt Disney World

    Jordin Sparks stood in front of Cinderella Castle to says she spent an “amazing day with my friends & family” at the park in June 2017 and added, “We enjoyed it so much!”

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    Credit: Brittany Snow/Instagram

    Universal Studios Hollywood

    “Today was chill” was what Brittany Snow teased after going on Jurassic Park The Ride with Anna Kendrick and friends in June 2017.

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    Credit: Natasha Bedingfield/Instagram

    Niagara Falls State Park

    Natasha Bedingfield made it out to see “#niagarafalls” in June 2017.