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Dax Shepard

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    Credit: Dax Shepard/Instagram

    King's Hawaiian

    Dax Shepard went on a tour of Torrance, CA, USA’s King’s Hawaiian factory with Kristen Bell and friends in September 2018 and said, “Best sober birthday present ever. @kristenanniebell got me a tour of the @kingshawaiian factory and I ate 8 STRAIGHT oughta the oven. 2 more upstairs, and 3 at home. 13 all-in for one day is an accomplishment I will not soon forget. Also, the fact that Kristen looks like a scientist and @mlpadman looks like she’s on a kindergarten field trip just makes my heart swell to dangerous levels.”

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    Credit: Zac Efron/Instagram

    Los Angeles River

    Zac Efron had “Gone fishin'” with friends on the Los Angeles River in August 2018.

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    Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram


    Kim Kardashian shared a shot from a May 2018 family nature walk in Wyoming that showed her, Kanye West, North West, and Saint West enjoying the outdoors together.

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    Credit: Jimmy Fallon/Instagram

    Atlantis Paradise Island

    Jimmy Fallon described the looks on his family members’ faces as “When you stayed at the aquarium a liiiitle too long” during their October 2017 “#FamilyVacation” here.

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    Credit: Kristen Bell/Instagram

    Columbia River Gorge

    While checked in at the Columbia River Gorge and wearing patriotic pajamas with Kristen Bell in July 2017, Dax Shepard said, “On behalf of Mt Hood, KB and myself, Ha;;y 4th of July!”

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    Credit: Nick Lachey/Instagram

    Dodger Stadium

    Nick Lachey had a “Night with the Fellas” watching a “Reds Dodgers Game” in June 2017.

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    Credit: Josh Gad/Instagram

    Mammoth Mountain

    Josh Gad was “At the top of a mountain watching people ski who make me feel very inept” on “Another snowy day in the beautiful mountains of #mammoth” in April 2017.

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    Credit: Dax Shepard/Instagram

    Jim's Steaks South St.

    Dax Shepard was “Feeling virile” after he “ate 2 cheesesteaks in under 12 minutes” while “at Jim’s South Street” in March 2017.