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Fifth Harmony

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    Credit: Tyra Banks/Instagram

    Abbey Road

    Tyra Banks Photoshopped herself into the famous Abbey Road album cover photo, shared the shot in November 2017, and said, “Don’t you push you were there…then? A throwback pic of me in a throwback pic.”

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    Credit: Angela Simmons/Instagram

    Moonlight Rollerway

    “Clearly need to brush up on my skills” is what Angela Simmons said when she took a turn on the rink here in March 2017.

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    Courtesy: Instagram User fifthharmony

    Joe's Crab Shack

    Following a concert stop in Birmingham, Alabama in July 2015, Fifth Harmony “Snuck out to get some CRAB LEGS & COR ON THE COB” at this Joe’s Crab Shack.