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Hailee Steinfeld

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    Credit: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson/Instagram

    Georgia Aquarium

    Jeremy Renner and his daughter were “Learning about sea mammals” during their June 2017 “#familyday” at the Georgia Aquarium.

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    Credit: Hailee Steinfeld/Instagram

    Berlin Wall

    Hailee Steinfeld fit in a visit to the wall during her December 2017 trip and said, “It was short but sweet Berlin!”

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    Credit: Tiffani Thiessen/Instagram

    California Donuts

    “Spontaneous morning trip for donuts” is what Tiffani Thiessen said about her October 2017 run to California Donuts.

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    Credit: Chloe Grace Moretz/Instagram

    CN Tower

    Chloe Grace Moretz was here in October 2017 and quoted the Drake lyric, “turn the 6 upside down it’s a 9 now.”

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    Credit: Karlie Kloss/Instagram

    Cloud Gate

    “Today’s bean great” is what Karlie Kloss said when she rested her feet against this famous art installation in October 2017.

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    Credit: Hailee Steinfeld/Instagram


    Hailee Steinfeld “Touched the top of the lighthouse” and became “An official ‘Alca-Trooper’ according to Ranger Eric” when she went “Wandering around Alcatraz” in September 2017.

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    Credit: Hailee Steinfeld/Instagram

    Chinatown, San Francisco

    Hailee Steinfeld traveled through Chinatown when she was in San Francisco in September 2017.

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    Credit: Serayah McNeill/Instagram

    Au Cheval

    Serayah McNeill enjoyed “The jamz,” the wine, and the salad here in August 2017.