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Nicole Richie

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    Credit: Nicole Richie/Instagram

    Aventine Hill

    Nicole Richie and her son did some sightseeing through Aventine Hill’s keyhole during a July 2018 family vacation in Italy.

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    Credit: Lauren Parsekian/Instagram

    The Iliad Bookshop

    In April 2018, Lauren Parsekian met up with Nicole Richie at North Hollywood, CA, USA’s The Iliad Bookshop and explained, “We search far and wide for the best book shelves in the city and every few weeks we send the location, meet there and exploreeeee.”

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    Credit: Paris Hilton/Instagram


    Paris Hilton captioned her March 2018 picture with friends at Los Angeles, CA, USA’s Teddy’s, “The #OGSquad #Killingit at #Teddys.”

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    Credit: Vanessa Lachey/Instagram

    Museum of Ice Cream

    “We did it! The Museum of Ice Cream! Sooo fun! And yes… the sprinkle pool is epic!” is what Vanessa Lachey said about her July 2017 “sweet day” here with her kids. She also shared several shots of her son giving the purple gummy bear statue some love and joked, “Ok… now it’s getting weird!”

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    Credit: Melanie Griffith/Instagram

    Aspen Mountain

    In July 2017, Melanie Griffith described “Hiking” the “back of Ajax” — aka Aspen Mountain — as “HEAVEN ON EARTH.”

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    Credit: Joel Madden/Instagram

    Nationals Park

    Nicole Richie and Joel Madden attended a Washington Nationals game at Nationals Park in July 2017.

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    Credit: David Arquette/Instagram

    The Queen Mary

    David Arquette brought his son by The Queen Mary in June 2017.

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    Credit: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

    The Nice Guy

    Kylie Jenner grabbed dessert — including ice cream, cookies, and doughnuts — with “My ladies” at The Nice Guy in June 2017.