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Ozzy Osbourne

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    Credit: Jack Osbourne/Instagram

    Grand Canyon Caverns

    In December 2017, Jack Osbourne shared a shot of the time he visited the Grand Canyon Caverns with daughter Pearl and dad Ozzy Osbourne.

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    Credit: Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

    Big Ben

    “I see you Big Ben” is what Kristin Cavallari said when she was in Londontown in September 2017.

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    Credit: Sharon Osbourne/Instagram

    Kailua Beach Park

    Sharon Osbourne captioned a June 2017 photo of her an Ozzy Osbourne here with, “Us in Kona last week. Little piece of heaven.”

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    Credit: Heidi Klum/Instagram


    Heidi Klum stopped off at Stonehenge — “#oneofthe7wondersoftheworld” — in May 2017.

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    Credit: Paris Jackson/Instagram

    Strawberry Fields

    Paris Jackson laid next to this John Lennon memorial in April 2017.

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    Credit: Gisele Bundchen/Instagram

    Space Center Houston

    Before watching her husband win his fifth Super Bowl in February 2017, Gisele Bundchen took a tour of the mission control center and Node 3 at the space center with daughter Vivian Brady.

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    Courtesy: Instagram User katharinemcphee

    Freds Madison Avenue

    Katharine McPhee ate here when she was “With the Ma in my favorite city” in December 2016.

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    Courtesy: Instagram User jonathanrknight


    New Kids on the Block’s Jonathan Knight rode a roller coaster here in September 2016 and joked, “Shooting 70 mph down a steel track. I think we made some special Hershey’s kisses.”