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Taylor Swift

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    Taylor Swift returned to her hometown of Reading, PA, USA in July 2018 and mused, “Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room . . . Take me home.”

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    Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

    The Bluebird Cafe

    Taylor Swift “Went back and played the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville” in April 2018 and explained, “I played there for the first time when I was 14. There were bunny ears and [alcohol] this time.”

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    Credit: Ryan Phillippe/Instagram

    Santa Catalina Island

    Ryan Phillippe spent some father-son time during a March 2018 “day off” on the waters off Santa Catalina Island.

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    Credit: Bob Saget/Instagram

    Big Sur

    Bob Saget spotted a deer during a November 2017 trip to Big Sur and said, “Hurting over so many problems in the world, and then have the good fortune for this miraculous creature to come upon us to tell us that life can be beautiful.”

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    Credit: Lily-Rose Depp/Instagram

    Disney California Adventure

    Lily-Rose Depp rode in the front seat of a blue car in Cars Land’s Radiator Springs Racers in June 2017.

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    Credit: Kelly Clarkson/Instagram

    Chauhan Ale & Masala House

    Kelly Clarkson came to “#chauhanaleandmasalahouse” in June 2017 to eat “My new favorite thing in the world ….Gol Guppa” ($9) and said, “#ilovethisrestaurant.”

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    Credit: Camilla Belle/Instagram

    The Polo Bar

    A filet mignon, hand-cut fries, and the five-layer chocolate cake ($12) is what Camilla Belle came here for in June 2017.

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    Credit: Lily Collins/Instagram

    National September 11 Memorial & Museum

    After her May 2017 visit, Lily Collins encouraged everyone to “Take a moment every day to remember, pay tribute, and smell the roses.”