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Tom Hanks

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    Credit: Mindy Kaling/Instagram

    The Connaught

    Mindy Kaling shared a shot in March 2018 of “The view in front of The Connaught.”

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    Credit: Tom Hanks/Instagram

    AT&T Long Lines Building

    When Tom Hanks passed by the AT&T Long Lines Building in June 2017 and commented, “This is the scariest building I’ve ever seen! WTF goes on inside??”

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    State Theatre

    Tom Hanks traveled to the State Theatre in July 2016 for his mother’s memorial and shared, “Saw many movies here with our Mom. Thanks for all who came to see her off.”

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    Courtesy: Facebook User Buttermilk Kitchen

    Buttermilk Kitchen

    Tom Hanks went behind the scenes at Buttermilk Kitchen in October 2015 and said, “Someone had to own and operate it. Someone has to get the dishes clean.”