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3 Products Taylor Swift Travels With That You Can Add to Your Amazon Cart Right Now

Taylor Swift opened up to Elle about the 30 life lessons she’s learned ahead of her 30th birthday this coming December, and in so doing, she shared a short shopping list of random items she always has on hand and that you can keep in your carry-on, too — are you ready for it?

Credit: QuikClot

Safe & Sound

The first product Taylor talks about unfortunately underscores the sad state of violence in the world today. In speaking about her fear of bad things happening to her fans at her shows or to her at her own home, she revealed to Elle, “I carry QuikClot army grade bandage dressing, which is for gunshot or stab wounds.” The first aid product has the ability to quickly stop bleeding, and since “victims of a trauma or gunshot most often die from blood loss, rather than the injury itself,” QuikClot could be the very thing that helps keep someone safe & sound.

Buy QuikClot ($20)

Credit: Command

Blank Space

The next thing the songwriter sings the praises of is Command Tape, the adhesive strips that adhere pictures to walls without damaging them. It’s only a recent discovery for Tay, who now uses it to decorate the blank spaces in all her homes all across the country (and perhaps on her tour bus and hotel rooms?) and admits, “I definitely would have fewer holes in my walls if I’d hung things that way all along.” Her love for this sticky stuff is all genuine, as she made sure to clarify, “This is not an ad. I just really love Command tape.”

Buy Command Tape ($12)

Credit: Nature’s Trove

Shake It Off

You don’t have to be a global pop star with a reputation for keeping a tour schedule as rigorous as Taylor’s to know that traveling can take a toll on your body. That’s why taking care of yourself — by taking vitamins — is a habit that should always be in style. Ms. Swift shared, “Vitamins make me feel so much better!” More specifically, L-theanine, “which is a natural supplement to help with stress and anxiety,” and magnesium “for muscle health and energy,” are the two supplements that help her relax and shake off any inkling of fatigue or sickness.

Buy L-theanine ($10) and Magnesium ($4)

Check with your doctor before taking any vitamin or supplement.

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