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About Me


Hi! I’m Karli Mullane (neé Bulnes). I’ve had a penchant for pop culture ever since I was able to ask permission to stay up late to watch <insert award show here> and earn enough money to purchase <insert pop star’s name here> concert tickets.

Reporting Pic

Journalism has always been my day job (either as a student red carpet reporter, a local TV news reporter, an online video entertainment reporter, and now, as host of Comcast’s good-news-only show called Upside). But, I really consider myself a reporter who moonlights as a stargazer. As in, I study Hollywood’s stars for inspiration — be it the places they go, the products they use, or the pastimes they make popular — so I can add a little A-list to my everyday.

About Me Examples

  • The white dress I wore to my City Hall wedding rehearsal? A look I copied from Carrie in Sex and the City
  • Last night’s chicken dinner? I took a page out of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s cookbook.
  • And my latest UK trip? Prince Harry sightings helped me find the hippest hotspots, which I happily hit up in my princess-approved L.K. Bennett pumps!

Pop Life

I totally get a kick out of the celebrity world, but it’s mostly centered in cities like Los Angeles and New York City, whereas my heart and home is in San Francisco. That’s where GALUXSEE comes in. I’ve gotten good at working touches of Tinseltown into my life (and let’s be honest, my limited budget), and it’s fun for me to share those findings with fellow fans who enjoy doing the same. Follow my lead, and you, too, can follow in famous footsteps!

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P.S.: No star sightings will be posted in real time — this site is meant to inspire, not encourage encroaching on a celebrity’s personal space or safety.