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Celebrity Baby Name Jewelry

A to Z — as in Apple to Zahara, obviously — baby names run the alphabet gamut. And because naming a human is such a huge responsibility, it’s no wonder parents often proudly display “the one” via a variety of accessories. From just the first initial to the full moniker, here are some celebrity baby name jewelry options to help you decide on the one you want:



FAMOUS FAN: Kate Middleton

In honor of her little Prince Charming, Duchess Catherine wore this engraved gilded charm necklace for an October 2013 shopping trip in Chelsea. Dubbed “The Duchess Necklace,” you can order one to commemorate your own royal family from Merci Maman for $149.

❤️ my North earring! Thanks @jenmeyerjewelry

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on


FAMOUS FANS: Kim KardashianBeyoncé, Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe

Perhaps the most popular name in the baby accessory game is Jennifer Meyer. Her delicate designs can be seen posted on Kim K.’s left lobe, wrapped around Beyoncé‘s bling-filled hand, and hanging above Jessica Alba’s heart. Rachel Zoe is litrally one of Jennifer Meyer Jewelry’s most major fans — counting a custom diamond-encrusted ring, pendants, and necklaces as part of her coveted kid-inspired collection. To pick your piece, shop Jennifer Meyer Jewelry online.


FAMOUS FAN: Rachel Zoe

In addition to the bunches of Jennifer Meyer Jewelry baubles inspired her boys, Rachel Zoe also rotates into her wardrobe this customized diamond initial cuff in 14K gold, available at Dana Rebecca Designs for $1,650.




Be it blue nail polish or iced out nameplates, Beyoncé is proud to display homages to her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. In fact, that “B < 3 Blue” chain pictured above is just the latest addition to her baby-inspired jewelry box. She shared snapshots of a circular “Blue” gold-colored nameplate necklace and an all caps one that you can get for under $300 from Jane Basch Designs.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

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