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    Credit: Kevin McHale/Instagram

    Valentin Imperial Maya

    "I want one!" is what Kevin McHale said when he came across two cute critters while at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico's Valentin Imperial Maya hotel in December 2018.
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    Credit: Jamie Chung/Instagram

    La Sultana, Marrakech

    Jamie Chung was checked into Marrakesh, Morocco's La Sultana Marrakech hotel in November 2018 when she and Bryan Greenberg had "A memorable first day in Marrakech."
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    Credit: Angela Simmons/Instagram

    Dr. Olga Goulko

    Angela Simmons spent a November 2018 "Self care day" getting a facial and microdermabrasion at the hands of Fort Lee, NY, USA dermatologist Dr. Olga Goulko.