• Katy Perry raised a glass with a friend here in July 2017 and excitedly announced, “I AM ON VACATION!!
  • Nicky Hilton was “zipping around” the Amalfi coast by boat in July 2017.
  • “Me next” is what Mark Wahlberg said when he jumped off a boat during a family trip to the Amalfi coast in June 2017.
  • Eliza Dushku made it to the “#amalficoast” in June 2017.
  • Molly Sims snapped a shot of the beach here in August 2016 and said, “I want to frame this.”
  • Vanessa Hudgens posed for a photo on the streets of Amalfi in July 2016 while vacationing here with Austin Butler.
  • Ansel Elgort hit the Amalfi beach in June 2016 and shared, “The waters incredibly blue.”
  • Scooter Braun celebrated his 35th birthday in June 2016 on board a boat with his family in Amalfi. He said, “35 feels pretty good. Beyond blessed and beyond grateful. Still can’t believe it. Bring on another 35.”
  • LL Cool J kicked it on a yacht on the Amalfi waters in June 2016.
  • John Stamos was “Cruising down the Amalfi” in May 2016, even taking to the waters there where he said, “Don’t rock the boat, baby.”
  • Nicky Hilton stared out at a sea of umbrellas and the water off Amalfi to say “Bongiorno” in August 2015.

Amalfi, Italy