Antelope Canyon

  • “Antelope Canyon may be one of the most photogenic places in the world. Even I couldn’t take a single bad photo of it” is what Nolan Gould said when he took a “backpacking trip” here in May 2017.
  • Ali Larter popped her head out from behind a slot canyon when she traveled to this special spot in April 2017.
  • Kobe Bryant wished his wife a “Happy Anniversary mamacita” in April 2017 with a gorgeous picture of them kissing at Antelope Canyon.
  • Marion Cotillard photographed the sun shining through the canyon walls in January 2017.
  • Hugh Jackman shared a shot of him and his wife at Antelope Canyon to wish her a happy birthday in November 2016.
  • Halle Berry shared in May 2016 that “These canyons are one of the most visually stunning places I’ve ever visited.”
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus was visiting the “amazing slot canyons on the Navajo Nation” in May 2016 and called it “Glorious.”

Antelope Canyon, AZ 86040, USA