ArcLight Cinemas, Hollywood

  • “He made me go see #It And yes, I will be sleeping with the lights on” is what Tia Mowry said about seeing a horror flick with her brother here in September 2017.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus “saw An Inconvenient Sequel” here in July 2017 and said, “I . . . urge you to reconsider the Paris Agreement!”
  • Topher Grace held onto his ticket for Baby Driver when he saw it at this theater in June 2017.
  • Jamie Chung came to this theater with Bryan Greenberg in June 2017 to see Band Aid and said, “How refreshing. I’m so overwhelmed with joy, I don’t know where to start. First of all, go watch @bandaidfilm . . . What an absolute DELIGHT!!!!!!”
  • Weeks after watching Get Out here in February 2017, Zoe Kravitz shared, “For the record. Still thinking about this film. Went twice. Will go again.”
  • Rebel Wilson tweeted in November 2016 that she “absolutely adored watching Fantastic Beasts in the Arclight Hollywood dome.”
  • On Thanksgiving in November 2014, Emmy Rossum was the only one in the ArcLight Cinemas, Hollywood theater catching a “Post turkey movie” — she said she pretended “it’s my own private screening room.”

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