Barry's Bootcamp, Noho

  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson stood outside Barry’s Bootcamp, Noho in March 2017 and confessed, “Don’s wanna werk out.”
  • While at Barry’s Bootcamp, Noho in January 2016, Adrian Grenier confessed, “This work out was really tough. I want to cry. I’m emotional today.”
  • Juliette Lewis was “Feeling re invigorated” after a June 2015 workout at Barry’s Bootcamp, NOHO.
  • A sweaty Adrian Grenier smiled wide to say he was proud of two friends “for doubling down on their fitness” during a December 2014 workout at Barry’s Bootcamp, NOHO. “Change comes from consistency,” he reminded us all!

Stargazer Tip: There are multiple Barry’s Bootcamp locations around the world. 

401 Lafayette St., New York City, NY 10003, USA
(+1) 212-260-4777