Brandenburg Gate

  • Jenna Dewan visited Brandenburg Gate on a night when colored lights were projected on it in October 2017.
  • “Yesterday I was in New York. Heute bin ich in #Berlin!” is what Anderson Cooper said when she snapped a selfie with this landmark in August 2017.
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William went to “Brandenburg Gate to see the crowds” in July 2017.
  • Tony Hawk captioned a photo of his group at Brandenburg Gate “die touristen,” (which translates to “the tourists”) in February 2016.
  • Nick Cannon “Woke up in Berlin” with an “Ncredible [sic]” view of the Brandenburg Gate in February 2016.
  • Kevin Hart posed for a photo in front of Brandenburg Gate during a November 2015 work trip.
  • Topher Grace took a selfie at the Brandenburg Gate in November 2015.
  • Chris Pratt brought the Lego version of his Jurassic World character to pose “in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate” in June 2015.
  • Kevin Hart took a “#DopePic” in front of Brandenburg Gate in February 2015.

Pariser Platz, 10117 Berlin, Germany