California Donuts

  • “Spontaneous morning trip for donuts” is what Tiffani Thiessen said about her October 2017 run to California Donuts.
  • Kim KardashianKourtney Kardashian, and Tori Spelling were all on the receiving end of some adorable donuts decorated as the popular Num Noms characters in August 2017.
  • Heather Morris came to California Donuts in June 2017 and called the “@CareBears Donuts for #NationalDonutDay” the “Cutest. Donut. Ever!” She added, “Obsessed with these.”
  • “National Donut Day? Who thinks of this craziness? I didn’t eat these- but I did do a drive by sniffing” is what Ian Ziering said about the four-pack of California Donuts he had on hand in June 2017.
  • Soon-to-be 30-year-old Shay Mitchell received some “HAPPY BDAY” donuts from here in April 2017.
  • A spread of blue California Donuts were part of Ryan Seacrest‘s “Carb loading viewing party” of Shades of Blue in March 2017.
  • “My husband knows me” is what Holly Madison said about her Valentine’s Day gift in February 2017: a box of donuts, including a heart-shaped one with “XoXo” written on it in frosting.
  • Jennifer Meyer received “THANK YOU JEN” donuts from here in January 2017 and said, “This thank you gift made my day! You put a huge smile on my face & belly (not mu ass, my ass is pissed).”
  • Kylie Jenner was happy to have the letter donuts Puma sent her from California Donuts in November 2016.
  • To celebrate the launch of her denim line in October 2016, Khloe Kardashian received some California Donuts that spelled out “GOOD AMERICAN.”
  • Instead of a cake, Bridget Marquardt celebrated her 43rd birthday in September 2016 with some “Birthday donuts” in the shape of her name from California Donuts.
  • Holly Madison thanked her husband for satisfying her April 2016 pregnancy craving by bringing her a box of “#myfav” donuts. She had her pick of strawberry & nuts, Lucky Charms, M&M overload, blueberry toast crunch, panda, and fruity bar specialty donuts ($2-$3) as well as a couple classic donuts ($1).
  • Hailee Steinfeld had “20-somethin donuts” — four of them being cookies & cream specialty donuts ($2-$3) — from California Donuts at her March 2016 recording session
  • Ashley Benson picked up a dozen California Donuts in November 2015 for the second National Donut Day of the year — the specialty panda, M&M overload, fruity bar, blueberry toast crunch, and Lucky Charms donuts ($2-$3) and the classic Simpsons D’ohnut ($1) were among her picks.
  • Lucy Hale had two boxes of treats from California Donuts while working with mark cosmetics by Avon in September 2015, including some custom letter donuts that spelled out “Mark [hearts] Lucy” (1-6 letter donuts are $20).
  • Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated National Donut Day in June 2015 by picking up an assortment of California Donuts, saying, “we just had to do it. I mean, it’s an Oreo panda” — the specialty panda donut is $2-$3.
  • Kelly Osbourne marked National Donut Day in June 2015 “w/nothing but the best from @californiadonuts.”
  • Melanie Griffith grabbed “Yummy donuts” from this popular spot in May 2015, including the specialty Lucky Charms and M&M overload donuts ($2-$3).

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