Calii Love

  • In September 2017, Helen Mirren shared a shot of “a portrait of me in a cup of coffee” and called it “the high art of the toronto barista.”
  • Rachel McAdams stopped by Calii Love in September 2017.
  • James Franco and Dave Franco snapped some pics of their caricature lattes when they went by this coffee shop in September 2017.
  • There was “A happy” Margot Robbie “with her Harley Quinn latte” here in September 2017.
  • Nicole Kidman sipped a skim latte here in September 2017.
  • George Clooney came by Calii Love and contributed to its signed surfboard autograph collection in September 2017.
  • “Even #Spock . . . needs a little coffee break” is what the Calii Love Instagram account said about Zachary Quinto‘s September 2017 visit.
  • Calii Love posted a picture of Elisabeth Moss “and @baristabrian” in September 2017.
  • Emma Roberts enjoyed her personalized coffee caricature by Calii Love’s “@baristabrian” in September 2017.

367 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K1, Canada
(+1) 416-792-5683