Celeste Rodrigues Skin Care

  • Michelle Williams (singer) was “Getting Ultrasonic Exfoliation by one of the best” — West Hollywood, CA, USA’s Celeste Rodrigues Skin Care — in June 2018 and shared, “After I moved to LA I noticed that my skin became sooooooo DRY and became out of control! Not only that, being engaged and doing some planning I became so worried about my skin! “Is my skin gonna be like this on my wedding day?” “Will the scars go away from pimples due to hormonal changes, etc?” My girl @skinbyceleste gave me the WORKS facial to ease those concerns!! She did ultrasonic exfoliation, my fav @hydrafacial, a black jelly detox mask and led red light therapy!! I was doing waaaaaaaay too much and needed to take time to take care of myself!! It’s not a bad thing! Take care of YOU!!”

9201 West Sunset Blvd GF-1B, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA
(+1) 310-276-6772