Cycle House WEHO

  • Shay Mitchell thanked Cycle House WEHO’s Nichelle Hines in September 2017 “for working me out” and added, “your class is like NO. OTHER.”
  • The day before turning 30 in April 2017, Shay Mitchell endured some “Birthday torture from @nichelle.”
  • In March 2017, Shay Mitchell completed multiple workouts here, including what she calls the “Hines sandwich: when you do both siblings spin classes one right after the other. a.k.k EXHAUSTING!”
  • Shay Mitchell gave instructor Nichelle Hines a shoutout after her February 2017 sweat session.
  • Jessica Alba got “Back in the saddle” here with several workouts here in January 2017.
  • A glowing Jessica Alba shouted out her instructor in October 2016, saying, “She kicked our butt thx @spinggalnichelle.”
  • In September 2016, Jessica Alba worked out here with “friends on the freakin weekend” and also hit up a class with colleagues.
  • “Love u Nichelle” is what Jessica Alba said about her Cycle House WEHO instructor in June 2016.
  • In May 2016, regular Jessica Alba thanked instructor Aaron Hines “for pushing us this AM.”
  • Jessica Alba “got it in” on a May 2016 morning here, taking a class with instructor Aaron and burning 527 calories!
  • April 2016 birthday girl Shay Mitchell said taking class here was “Such a great way to bring in my 29th year with some of my favorite people,” which included Sophia Bush.
  • Regular Jessica Alba thanked instructor Nichelle Hines for helping her “break through my boundaries” in April 2016.
  • Jessica Alba “got it in” a couple times in February 2016 and thanked Cycle House instructor Nichelle Hines “for letting . . . me have it.”
  • “Werk. It. Out. is what “#fitmom” Naya Rivera was all about when she showed off her abs after a February 2016 Cycle House class with instructor Nichelle Hines.
  • Nina Dobrev said “Sweaty is accurate” about her post Cycle House WEHO class group shot in January 2016.
  • Monique Coleman completed a “Christmas morning spin” in December 2015 at this Cycle House.
  • “I’m proud of us” is what regular rider Jessica Alba said of herself and Shay Mitchell after a Sunday sweat session that was led by Cycle House instructor Nichelle Hines in November 2015.
  • Jessica Alba attended a morning session led by Cycle House instructor Nichelle Hines in October 2015.
  • Naya Rivera tweeted that her nighttime spinning session in September 2015 “was SO fun. Can’t wait to be back full time!”
  • Khloe Kardashian and James Harden took a “Post class pic” with their Cycle House instructors (and E! costars) in July 2015, saying, “Thanks for kicking my ass tonight!!!”
  • Jessica Alba spent an August 2015 “#sundayfunday” in a Cycle House WEHO class taught by Nichelle Hines, saying, “We werked it out this AM.”

Stargazer Tip: There is also a Cycle House location in Santa Monica, California.

8511 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA, USA
(+1) 310-358-0888