Fit180 Private Training Studio

  • Catherine Giudici sang the praises of gym co-owner Julie in May 2017, saying, “She owns @fit180dallas and has been instrumental in my journey from pregnancy weight to post-pregnancy bod. Always keeping my health and sanity a top priority and creating a plan that works for my chaotic lifestyle.” She added, “Julie has been there for me when it’s been hard and has been more than a trainer to me, she’s become one of my closest friends. I don’t look forward to the workout, but I do look forward to this lady.”
  • In April 2017, gym regular Catherine Giudici did some hula hooping and shared, “One of my least favorite body parts has been my lack of a booty in the Age of the Ace. Julie has taught me after 30 years of being active, how to successfully ‘fire the booty muscle’ and I think I’m finally on my way to a seat to sit a cup on that booty.”
  • Catherine Giudici wore a green shirt and used green fitness tools on St. Patrick’s Day in March 2017 and said, “And yet my trainer still managed to pinch me” — this was just one of her many sweat sessions here that month.
  • In February 2017, Catherine Giudici tried a surfboard-based workout in one of her sweat sessions and said, “‘Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii…’ Whatever gets me through the workout, yadida?”
  • Catherine Giudici hopped on the trampoline during one of her workouts here in January 2017 and said, “It’s a new day and my 2017 starts now.”
  • Sean Lowe and a matching baby Samuel Lowe joined Catherine Giudici during one of her December 2016 workouts, to which she said, “I have a type.”
  • In November 2016, Catherine Giudici go measured during and even worked out with her trainer “THE MORNING AFTER THANKSGIVING.”
  • Catherine Giudici wore a cap and explained, “Because Janet Jackson videos,” in October 2016 and joked about her progress, saying, “I mean from the knees down, I’m pretty much back.”
  • September 2016 saw Catherine Giudici pulling a Marilyn Monroe with a fan and working up a “lotta sweat.”
  • Catherine Giudici had her “First day back” at this gym in August 2016 after giving birth to her son the month before.
  • In May 2016, a pregnant Catherine Giudici lifted weights, worked out with her trainer and hubby Sean Lowe, saying, “My workout partners are a baby and a bigger baby.”
  • Throughout April 2016, a pregnant Catherine Giudici worked out at Fit180 Private Training Studio. She did some boxing, had her mom tag along, did arms, and said, “Trying my hardest to stay in some kinda shape before baby.”
  • An expecting Catherine Giudici was exhausted after “Getting some workout tips for my new body from” Fit180 Private Training Studio in March 2016, appearing to pass out on a Bosu ball!

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