Mount Kilimanjaro

  • “I openly wept when I got my eyes on her” is what Mandy Moore said when she spotted Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro ahead of her climb in March 2018. She shared, “I’ve been dreaming of seeing her and doing this since I was 18. Couldn’t be more grateful for this crew and everything this experience is bound to be. Let’s do this!”
  • Heather Morris checked into Mount Kilimanjaro while checking it out from a distance in January 2018.
  • Bryan Greenberg posted a throwback pic in August 2017 of his time here and said, “I need to plan another adventure soon.”
  • Laura Prepon made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in April 2016 and said the experience was “One of the best, most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life.” She also thanked tour operators Amani Afrika as well as andBeyond for “getting us up this incredible mountain.”

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania