• Mayim Bialik “went to the best candy store” — Los Angeles, CA, USA’s Munchies — in October 2018 and explained, “Why is it the best? Because almost everything is dairy free Including the out of this world truffle chocolate selection by @thechocolategirl . And it’s also #kosher so no [horse] gelatin in the gummy stuff (their gummies are not #veganbc they use [fish] gelatin, FYI). it’s called @munchies_on_pico_ and I am making chocolate bark for Halloween with all of their stuff like vegan m&ms and chocolate peanuts and candy corn and vegan versions of Twix and such and no one can stop me.”

8859 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA
(+1) 310-777-0221