Nobu Fifty Seven

  • Jonathan Cheban bit into shrimp, gushed over the kobe beef dumplings, held up his blueberry monkfruit panna cotta dessert ($14), and asked, “Do I drink it or eat it??”
  • Ashanti toasted to friends when she ate here in April 2017.
  • “Presentation is everything” is what Bethenny Frankel said about her food here in March 2017.
  • After spending time across the pond, Jonathan Cheban was happy to be back snacking on shrimp at his “favorite” in January 2017.
  • “NOBU NOBU NOBU” is what Jonathan Cheban said while eating here in October 2016.
  • Jonathan Cheban said “Squad up” when he was with Scott Disick and another friend here in September 2016.
  • Jessica Lowndes ate her “Last meal of 2014” at Nobu Fifty Seven in December 20154
  • Martha Stewart held up a bottle of Nobu sake in May 2015 and said, “Nobu 57 is one of the busiest restaurants in NYC.”

40 W 57th St, New York City, NY 10019, USA
(+1) 212-757-3000