Palace Theatre, London

  • “Proudly letting my Harry Potter fanatic flag fly” is what Lily Collins said when she cashed in on the “Best Christmas gift ever” from her mom in December 2016.
  • Josh Gad shared this about seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre in November 2016: “I cannot tell you anything for fear of spoiling secrets but this is simply the most magical day I’ve spent in a theater. As a lifelong Harry Potter fan, this was everything I hoped for and more.”
  • Amber Riley gave this review of the Harry Potter play she saw here in October 2016: “I loved everything about it!!!!”
  • Seth Green “Got to see an amazing production of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child” at the Palace Theatre, London in September 2016 and said it’s “Worth the wait- truly magical and deeply emotional. Bravo!”

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