Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

  • New Kids on the Block‘s Jonathan Knight said he “Spent my day off in a tiny little bubble” when he visited the aquarium while “Having so much fun in Toronto” in June 2017.
  • “We can turn anywhere into a dance floor” is what Paula Abdul said about her elaborate pose in front of Ripley’s jellyfish tank while having “Birthday fun in Toronto” in June 2017.
  • Selena Gomez and The Weeknd each struck a solo pose with the jellyfish exhibit when they were here together in march 2017.
  • Corbin Bleu did “Date night with the wifey” here in February 2017 and posed for a colorful pic in front of the jellyfish tank.
  • Ryan Phillippe looked up at some sharks when he was here in November 2016.
  • Elisabeth Moss checked out the sea life from a special nook at this aquarium in September 2016 and teased, “Moved into my new apt in Toronto.”
  • Bathed in pink and purple lights, Olivia Wilde joked that she and her son Otis Sudeikis were “Appreciating Toronto’s Hotline Bling jellyfish exhibit” here in September 2016.
  • Beverley Mitchell brought her family to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada during one of her days off in April 2016 — she revealed the jellyfish were “Our favorite exhibit,” she snapped a selfie with a shark, and said, “It was a great day!”
  • Christina Milian came to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in March 2016 and checked out “All the beautiful things nature has to offer,” such as the bright jellyfish and multi-colored sea anemones.

288 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3L9, Canada
(+1) 647-351-3474