Sequoia National Park

  • “Hiking with mirrors is as fun as running w scissors” is what Cash Warren said when he was reflecting the scene inside Sequoia National Park in June 2017.
  • Shane West posted a throwback photo in June 2017 of this park that he called “my kind of paradise.”
  • Eric Stonestreet visited Sequoia National Park in January 2017 and then recommended it, saying, “About 4 hours and 23 minutes north of Los Angeles there is a place that will make you say, ‘WOW!!! HOLY SHIT! LOOK AT THAT TREE. AND THAT ONE AND THAT ONE OMG AND THAT ONE!'”
  • While balancing on rocks inside Sequoia National Forest in August 2016, Bella Thorne said she was “just busy being one with the earth” since she and her friends were “Elite members of The Tree Hugging Squad.”
  • Lauren Parsekian was “Staying in Sequoia National Park” for a weekend in August 2015 with her parents and siblings for her dad’s birthday and said the birthday boy was “excited to get real with some wildlife.”
  • Lauren Parsekian stood in front of some magestic redwoods at Sequoia National Park in August 2015 and declared, “i love trees.”

Sequoia National Park, CA, USA
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