Six Flags Magic Mountain

  • Chloe Grace Moretz had a funnel cake when she was here in November 2016.
  • Rob Kardashian posted a throwback photo in September 2016 of him, Blac Chyna, and Kim Kardashian riding Tatsu together.
  • Jennifer Hudson promised her son and nephew “that I would get on one ride with them” at Six Flags Magic Mountain in August 2016 and said, “Me n my boys had such a good time.”
  • Ludacris was strapped into a roller coaster in August 2016 beside his birthday girl daughter and confirmed, “Damn right we celebrate all week.”
  • Robin Thicke rode roller coasters here with his son in May 2016 and reported, “Apocalypse was his favorite. Goliath was mine. X2 made me scream like a battle cry from ‘300’. Julian got mad, ‘I don’t know why they’d make you hang upside down like that. I didn’t like that part but The rest of it was fun.'”
  • For his 42nd birthday celebration in February 2016, Seth Green “Spent some quality birthday time straight crushing” Six Flags Magic Mountain. He recommended, “the ‘Twisted Colossus is a winner. Two cars race around each other in a DNA shaped track. Check out the passengers on the other train- everyone loved the ride.”
  • Bella Thorne shut down the park in October 2015 to celebrate her 18th birthday with a large group of friends who all wore sweatshirts that said, “Happy Birthday B*tch”!
  • Nina Dobrev was “Rolling through Magic Mountain” with her “Woes” in June 2015 — the group braved the Scream roller coaster.
  • Ariel Winter and her “lil smush,” Nolan Gould, spent a March 2015 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
  • Kendall Jenner, her famous family, and friends had the park “all to ourselves” to celebrate her 18th birthday in November 2013.

26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355
(+1) 661-255-4100