• “Eat. Music. Drink. Art.” — that’s how Adrienne Bailon summed up London, England, UK’s Sketch when she sat for drinks here in March 2018. She added, “Last night was a blur.”
  • Taylor Lautner took a picture of the “Swarovski bathroom” at this popular bar in February 2018.
  • Kristin Cavallari explained in September 2018 that a stop at Sketch was “Also part of eating my way through London today.”
  • Hailey Baldwin set up the perfect mirror selfie inside Sketch’s bathroom and said, “Issa madness.”
  • Cindy Crawford spent “Tea time” at Sketch in September 2018 and recommended, “When in London…”
  • Of course, Kylie Jenner snapped a bathroom selfie inside Sketch’s colorful, egg-shaped toilet pod-filled restroom in July 2017.
  • Joe Jonas had drinks here in February 2017.
  • Selena Gomez and friend Samantha Droke indulged in dessert before dinner at Sketch in February 2014. The singer’s one request? — “extra whip cream please!”

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