Statue of Liberty

  • “We will always have her” is what Tia Mowry captioned her May 2017 photo with a friend and Lady Liberty.
  • Katy Perry gazed out at the Statue of Liberty in May 2017 and asked, “what is freedom and what does it mean to you ?”
  • “Put your Ls up” is what Amy Schumer said when she mimicked Lady Liberty in March 2017.
  • With Lady Liberty in frame, Ashley Tisdale said she was “In NYC doing touristy things” in November 2016.
  • Christie Brinkley was “in awe of that strong lady” who stood behind her in an October 2016 photo.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker called the Statue of Liberty “The most beautiful lady of all” when she laid her eyes on it in October 2016.
  • “Oh Liberty…” is what Naomi Watts said while doing some sightseeing in the city in October 2016.
  • Rebel Wilson had “So much fun flying around NYC in a coptor” and pointing out the “Statue of my sister” in October 2016.
  • Lauren Parsekian admired Lady Liberty lighting up a dark September 2016 night sky and called her “Bae.”
  • Hilary Duff photographed her son and his friend standing in front of this famous statue in August 2016.
  • Eva Longoria and her family wore fun Lady Liberty headbands in June 2016 and asked, “Do we look like tourists? Nahhhhh.”
  • The Statue of Liberty provided the perfect backdrop to Adrienne Bailon‘s May 2016 picture on board a boat.
  • Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell was having fun during an “island hopping day” in April 2016 and said, “Thank you to the French fro Lady Liberty…. A gift of friendship….. And to the Merch company that overcharges you for hip eye wear.”
  • Lea Michele said, “Look who I found,” when she snapped a perfectly placed tourist picture with the Statue of Liberty in January 2016.
  • Nicole Scherzinger quoted, “with liberty and justice for all” while passing by the Statue of Liberty by boat in October 2015.
  • Candace Cameron Bure and her manager only had a few hours to play tourist in November 2014, so they headed to Liberty Island since Mrs. Bure hadn’t been before. She said the Statue of Liberty is “so beautiful” and that she “Can’t wait to come back and take my family here! God Bless America!”

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