Sydney Opera House

  • Kelly Rowland thanked “#SOHTours” for the look inside the opera house in May 2017.
  • “I LOVE OZ!!” is what Kelly Rowland said when she posed for a photo in front of this building in April 2017.
  • Even though Melissa Joan Hart and her family were “Fresh off the plane” in March 2017, they “were all super excited to see this incredible spectacle!”
  • In March 2017, Josh Gad “Explored Sydney Opera House” and said it’s “One of my favorite places on Earth.” He added that it’s “Incredible up close. Absolutely stunning architecture in every way.”
  • Cindy Crawford said she was “Having my Rocky moment on the steps of the Sydney Opera House” in February 2017.
  • Karlie Kloss‘s “Aussie adventure” brought her by the opera house in January 2017.
  • Ashanti and her “Squad” spotted the opera house from their yacht in January 2017.
  • Ashley Greene gave the A-OK to the Sydney Opera House in December 2016.
  • Lucy Hale passed by this building by boat in November 2016.
  • Shawn Mendes posed for a photo with Sydney’s famous opera house in the background in October 2017.
  • In July 2016, Zachary Quinto said the opera house is “always a sight to behold,” and added that Sydney is a “beautiful city with such welcoming people.”
  • It was “Not your typical night at the opera” in June 2016 when Peter Facinelli observed images projected onto the iconic building here.
  • Kylie Minogue smiled wide in March 2016 for a photo with the Sydney Opera House behind her and said it’s “Always a thrill to be on beautiful Sydney Harbour.”
  • Spotting the Sydney Opera House in January 2016 had Samuel L. Jackson saying, “This makes it Official!!”
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita each attempted “a hand stand photo” in front of the Sydney Opera House and captioned their shots “Upside down under!”
  • Rebel Wilson was “Gearing up for a pretty epic NYE” when she and her sister passed by the Sydney Opera House in December 2015.
  • An airborne Eva Longoria said she “Had to jump in front of Sydney Opera House” when she was out front in July 2015.
  • Autumn Reeser teased, “If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, my hair was super impressed w the Sydney Opera House” in May 2015.
  • Sam Smith sat for a photo in front of this famous building in April 2015 and joked, “Where is the Sydney opera house? I can’t see it.”
  • Nicole Richie, doing her best performer pose with a friend in March 2015, said “Our encore was strong.. now we just need people to stay.”
  • Drake was “Feeling too at home” when he was staring at the Sydney Opera House in February 2015.
  • After seeing the opera house in October 2014, Rachel Zoe said “It’s really happening! I am officially down under and it’s so MAJ!”
  • Hilary Duff and a friend shared a laugh “In front of the opera house” in September 2014.
  • Megan Fox captioned a night shot of Sydney Opera House in September 2014 saying she was “On an adventure.”
  • Alessandra Ambrosio “Had the best time in #Australia” and posed for a picture in front of the opera house before it was time to leave in April 2014.

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