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Courtesy: Instagram User saintrecords
  • Solange Knowles said her time at Treehotel in May 2015 “was good to me” — she said, “I: slept in this mirror tree house . . . Ate Moose meatballs . . . Bathed in the northern lights (The sun never set!) Climbed a UFO into the sky with my son” and “Sang Brandy songs with me bestie.”
  • Karlie Kloss stayed at the mirrored Treehotel in July 2014 and thanked “Sweden for an unforgettable adventure. Between zip lining through the wilderness, sleeping in dreamlike tree-houses, fishing and swimming in the stream (catching a giant 9kilo salmon and cooking it for dinner!) and, not to mention being a part of a Beautiful photo shoot!….it’s safe to say this was am [sic] unforgettable trip.”

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