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Welcome to Arizona: Local Entities Sponsor Karli's Mullane Tour

Karli Mullane, a journalist from San Francisco, is well-known for her passion for the pop culture and the celebrity world. Her hobby and main activity at the same time is to find and follow in “famous footsteps.” She visited almost all the American states, where Karli noted a lot of public places attended by her favorite celebrities.

Her next journey would have a place in the Grand Canyon home – Arizona. Multiple American bloggers and Karli’s subscribers wished to launch a “funding marathon” in order to sponsor her next trip. The efforts were noticed by a lot of different organizations and individuals who expressed interest in financially supporting (and even paying in full) Karli’s journey to Arizona.

QuickCashLoans, a financial company based in Chandler, was concerned about warm welcome more than others. Tyler Stephens, the founder and principal CEO of the lending institution, mentioned that he had been following Karli’s activity since her first visit to New York. This location was especially remembered as New York is the place where young Tyler had been spending his formative years.

Right after coming to Arizona, Karli Mullane decided to visit Elote Café, where her favorite actress, Reese Witherspoon, had ordered a basket of chips. Then the curious traveling journalist admired the landscape in Sedona – the place where Gwyneth Paltrow had been having her morning.

When being a guest in Arizona, Karli had enough time to follow in the traces of Taylor Lautner, Jack Osborne, Jordin Sparks, Shane West, and many other celebrities. And next, she makes her way straight to Nevada, where she hopes to check-in at the places visited by incredibly famous persons, such as Jessica Alba and Helen Mirren.

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