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Ariana Grande

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    Starbright Floral Design

    Ariana Grande was on the receiving end of some flowers from New York City, NY, USA’s Starbright Floral Design florist in June 2018.

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    Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour

    Ariana Grande showed off a bee tattoo behind her ear done by tattoo artist Mira Mariah of Brooklyn, New York City, NY, USA’s Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour in May 2018.

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    Australia Zoo

    Ed Sheeran and friends posed with a snake on their shoulders when they visited the Australia Zoo in March 2018.

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    Nail Swag

    Ariana Grande showed off her “retro” manicure by Nail Swag’s Natalie minerva in September 2017.

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    Walt Disney World

    Jordin Sparks stood in front of Cinderella Castle to says she spent an “amazing day with my friends & family” at the park in June 2017 and added, “We enjoyed it so much!”

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    Eiffel Tower

    Gabrielle Union embraced Dwyane Wade while posing for a pic in front of the sparkling tower in June 2017 and said, “Last night in Paris, had to.”

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    “Would have died first round but it’s fun to pretend” is what a flexing and dabbing Nolan Gould said while standing outside the former gladiator games arena in June 2017.

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    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hollywood

    “I’m dizzy from rides, sunstroke and girl power” is what Anna Kendrick said after spending the day here in June 2017 with friends, including Brittany Snow.