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Kelly Ripa

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    The Solvang Bakery

    “Perfect!” is what John Stamos said about the large quarantine-themed gingerbread cottage ($325) he was gifted in May 2020 — it came complete with messages of social distancing inscribed on the roof and mask-wearing gingerbread men and women!

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    Credit: Busy Philipps/Instagram

    Flour Shop

    Busy Philipps bought an “Early birthday cake for Birdie” from Flour Shop in August 2019.

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    Kelly Ripa said there’s “Something about these Grecian sunsets” when she vacationed on the Cyclades with Mark Consuelos in June 2018.

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    Cajun Encounters Tour Company

    Mario Lopez took his family on a “Swamp tour” in April 2018 with New Orleans, LA, USA’s Cajun Encounters Tour Company.

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    Dunmore Beach Hotel

    Kelly Ripa participated in some “@acroyoga” while at the Dunmore Beach Hotel in the Bahamas in February 2018 and said, “Not since my honeymoon have i seen moves like these.”

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    Banff National Park

    Banff, Alberta was the setting of Julianne Hough’s November 2017 throwback shot with Lauren Parsekian to celebrate “#WorldKindnessDay.”

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    Ryan Seacrest ordered a “#burger for the table” when he and his girlfriend doubled dated with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at Vaucluse in October 2017.

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    Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

    Kristin Chenoweth came here in September 2017, when she and her “#ThunderPup” were “enjoying an afternoon in Central Park.”