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Stars Who Changed Their Last Name After Marriage

Many a star has changed their given name for fame (Jamie Foxx — or, should I say, Eric Bishop?). Some make a habit of it once they’ve hit it big (here’s lookin’ at you, Sean CombsPuff DaddyPuffy, P. DiddyDiddy, or whatever it is right now). And still others choose to change it in the name of tradition once they marry, though not all of them make it for public use. Still deciding what you should do? Look to see who made the legal leap before:

Courtesy: Facebook User Kim Kardashian

Courtesy: Facebook User Kim Kardashian


Ashley Tisdale —> Ashley Tisdale French

Courteney Cox —> Courteney Cox Arquette*

Jenna Dewan —> Jenna Dewan Tatum

Kaley Cuoco —> Kaley Cuoco Sweeting*

Kim Kardashian —> Kim Kardashian West (pictured)

Naya Rivera —> Naya Rivera Dorsey

Pamela Anderson —> Pamela Anderson Lee*

Robin Wright —> Robin Wright Penn*

Vanessa Minnillo —> Vanessa Lachey (pictured)

Victoria Adams —> Victoria Beckham

PR Photos

PR Photos


Jessica Biel —> Jessica Timberlake (pictured)

Jennifer Garner —> Jennifer Affleck*

Jennifer Lopez —> Jenifer Muniz*

Portia de Rossi —> Portia DeGeneres

Sarah Michelle Gellar —> Sarah Michelle Prinze

* denotes a former name change

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