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Bookmark Now, Travel Later — The Taylor Swift Nashville Mural Address

To all the cool chicks (and dudes) out there — posing for a photo in front of the Taylor Swift-commissioned Kelsey Montague butterfly mural in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood is now a “ME!”-time must. And while there’s no pastel cobblestone road that leads you to the larger than life street art, thankfully, fellow sleuthy Swifties have already paved the way by sharing the address and descriptive directions.

Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

To get your shot with the clue-ridden, “rainbow with all of the colors,” butterfly wings, Instagram User @satchel_swift says, “It’s across the road from Milk & Honey, on S 11th ave in the gulch! Very easy to spot!” (Fun sidenote: Nashville notables Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker are fans of Milk & Honey, so perhaps a post-picture meal there would be a fun #followinfamousfootsteps way to spend the day! Or, any of the other Taylor-approved Nashville spots).

Credit: The Satchel D’Alessandro/Instagram

For a smidge more detail, GALUXSEE reached out to Tennessean breaking news reporter Mariah Timms, who told me, “It’s on 11th, between McGavock and Laurel streets,” but warned, “it’s in kind of a weird spot in Nashville that’s under a railway bridge.” She explained, “The mural itself is painted on a wall across the street from 214 11th Avenue South, but I believe the wall belongs to the building on the other side of the parking lot.” And being the helpful newsroom resource she is, Mariah suggested going to this Google map “and turn to the other side of the street, on the left.”

Credit: Google

After you’ve secured your pic like T. Swift, you can flutter over to Kelsey‘s other Nashville-area murals — like the one Lionel Richie visited — by checking out her official mural map.

Credit: Kelsey Montague Art/Instagram

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